The Ideal Law Office

If you had a magic wand, how would your ideal law office function? A perfect working environment for lawyers would probably have the following characteristics:
  • Contemporaneous Storage of All Information. In a perfect system, all information coming into and going out of the office should be immediately stored in the proper location with little human intervention. 
  • Convenience. Documents in client files should be available instantaneously and accessible by more than one person at a time. The files should be accessible from the office, home or any remote location. 
  • Low Cost. The system of document storage, management and retrieval would involve little cost. Minimal staff time would be taken up with this function, freeing staff for other tasks or permitting staff reductions. Supply costs would be substantially reduced.
  • Reliability. The system would be reliable. Documents would always be found in the right location and would be accessible on demand. 
  • Portability. The client files would be portable. They could be transported to meetings or court without a moving van. The entire client file would fit in a briefcase, no matter how many physical documents it contains. 
  • Security. The files would be secure. Persons without authority to inspect the client files would not have the ability to do so. The files would be secure against tampering and alteration. The files would be redundant and preserved against natural disaster or intentional sabotage.
  • Flexibility. The file system would be flexible and would accommodate different types of practices, different filing hierarchies and different styles of practice. The movement of documents from one location to another within the filing system would be simple and instantaneous.
  • Compatibility. The system would use widely available software and broadly recognized file formats. Stored files will be compatible with emerging court and business e-filing systems.
  • Simplicity of Use. The system would be simple and intuitive. We are lawyers, not engineers and an engineering degree should not be required in order to use the system effectively and efficiently. Each document title would be quickly searchable so that particular documents can be easily located.

In summary, our perfect law office document management system should be an inexpensive method to store, manage and retrieve documents from anywhere and at any time. It should also be convenient, secure, flexible and easy to use.