Troubleshooting - Digital Office Pro

Q: It seems to take a long time to process a document. Am I doing something wrong?

A: There are two common causes of this problem. It may be that your computer processor is too slow or that it has insufficient random access memory ("RAM") to operate efficiently. If it takes more than a fraction of a second for the program to process a one or two page document, then consider upgrading your computer. Large documents may take a few seconds to process, even with a fast processor and adequate RAM. This is normal and simply a by-product of the size of the file you are dealing with.

Q: I seem to have lost an entire client directory or matter directory. Is there anything I can do?

A: This phenomenon often occurs when you mistakenly drag and drop a directory from one place to another in the file structure. Use the Windows find function to search for the name of the folder, then move it back into the correct directory location. If this does not solve the problem, check your recycle bin on the Windows Desktop. If you still cannot locate the missing files, restore from one of your backup systems (See Retrieving Misplaced Files in the Digital Office Pro Guide).

Q: The Digital Office Pro File Storage Interface does not open completely and won't respond.

A: This problem may occur in two circumstances:
  1. With unusually large files, it may take several seconds or more to open a scanned image in the File Storage Interface viewing window. This is a normal condition. Try to avoid creating unusually large scanned image files by dividing large documents (more than 100 pages) into smaller parts.
  2. This situation also occurs if the Adobe Acrobat "Open" dialog box is left open at the same time the Digital Office Pro File Storage Interface is activated. If the File Storage Interface will not respond, press the CTRL, ALT and DELETE keys on your keyboard simultaneously. That will bring up the Windows Close Program Dialog Box. Select "Microsoft Outlook" and then select the "End Task" button. That will terminate the Outlook program. Restart Outlook. The Digital Office Pro Interface should now operate properly. If it doesn't, reboot your computer.

Q: The Digital Office Pro File Storage Interface won't respond at all.

A: Access the "Close Program" dialog box in Windows, usually by pressing the CTRL, ALT and Delete keys on your keyboard simultaneously. Select "Outlook" and then press the "End Task" button. Now re-launch Outlook and the Digital Office Pro File Storage Interface should operate normally.