Digital Office Pro is the only complete paperless office system for storing, retrieving, organizing, and managing your paper and electronic documents. Using Digital Office Pro, paper and electronic documents are converted to the industry standard Adobe Acrobat “pdf” format and saved in a digital file room.

Digital Office Pro makes all of your information instantly and simultaneously available to everyone who needs it.

Digital Office Pro is easy to use, amazingly powerful and cost effective.

If you’re ready to purchase Digital Office Pro, please contact Digital Office Systems Support for updated Download instructions at: (303) 929-2990.

The Retail Price of Digital Office Pro with Email Capture is currently $399 per user license.

Features - Summary

  • Complete data management feature allows data fields to be tailored to your needs.
  • Powerful search capabilities, with full-text searching, searching of specific data fields or any combination.
  • Full featured scanning and distribution interface with integrated scan support.
  • Digital Bates Stamping with complete data integration.
  • Integrated tracking of paper documents.
  • Automated capture and filing of incoming and outgoing e-mails.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Adobe Acrobat.


Industry Leading. Digital Office Pro is the only product of its kind. It includes scanning, filing, storage, retrieval, powerful searching, automated e-mail capture, numbering or Bates Stamping and much more.

Portability. Unique technology makes documents completely portable.

Save Money. Slash the staggering costs related to managing paper documents by reducing materials costs and staff time. Typical businesses experience cost savings of up to 50%.

Save Time. Eliminate paper nightmares. Documents are filed in a matter of seconds. No more lost or misfiled paper.

Get Organized. Find what you want, when you want it using a completely customizable file structure.

Easy to Use. Simple and intuitive. No complicated filing procedures.


Digital Office Pro consists of four modules:

Scan and File Module

The Scan and File Module manages the Scanning, Filing and Distribution of Documents.

File Room Module

The File Room Module provides fast access to your Documents and allows
the creation and editing of Document Data.

Search Module

The Search Module provides powerful searching capabilities allowing both full text searches and searches of specific data fields.

Tools Module

The Tools Module contains a collection of useful Tools for use in the Digital Office, including: Scrubbing Document Data, Batch Merging, Printing and Numbering of Documents, Folder Creating, and Tracking Paper Documents.